Celebrate the Lunar New Year with New Bloom Dota 2 Update

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  The New Bloom Dota 2 update is part of Valve’s few and rare yearly events and is their way of celebrating the Lunar New Year. However, unlike in previous years, the latest New Bloom Dota 2 update doesn’t come with big updates or a new hero. But, even so, it’s still worth noting.

  Starting on February 1 up until February 11, all players will have access to a New Bloom rewards line. Each victory grants players progress, where they’ll receive a host of various rewards. This includes gifts, celebrations, and even chat wheel sounds.

  As per last Christmas’ Frosthaven update, Dota Plus subscribers will receive additional rewards for their progress.

  To move up one level, a player has to earn 1,000 points. Each victory in Normal Matchmaking gives players 200 points, while Turbo matches will grant only 100 points. In addition to this, every player’s first win of the day will grant them a bonus of 1,250 points.

  Click here for more details on the New Bloom Dota 2 update.

  So far, we have no clue what comes next after this. But, what we do know is that Mars is going to arrive soon. Just when exactly is up to Valve. However, given how much more focus they have been putting in Dota 2 in recent months, it’s highly likely that we’ll receive the update sooner rather than later.

  It’s only been weeks since the conclusion of the Bucharest Minor and the Chongqing Major. Soon after, we also saw the arrival of a relatively big patch in 7.21, and more importantly, the new ranked season. Even Dota Plus subscribers received more sets to buy using their “Shards”, which is an in-game currency exclusive only to Dota Plus subscribers.

  Now, we have the New Bloom Dota 2 update to keep us busy, at least, for the next few weeks, albeit it’s still a far-cry from the events they held in years past, such as the “Year Beast Brawl” event in 2015.

  Still, it’s nice to constantly receive Dota 2 updates from Valve once again, and here’s to hoping that they continue doing so from here on out.

  What do you think of the direction that Valve is taking with the New Bloom Dota 2 update? Do you appreciate the constant flow of new content? Or would you prefer a “bigger” event like in previous years? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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